Ultimately, the content of the future agreement will be an issue for the next phase of the negotiations. This version of the Withdrawal Act removes clauses that undermine the alignment of workers` rights with the EU. The government said it would protect and strengthen these rights in a separate employment law. Brexit Minister James Duddridge confirmed that “every case cited in parliamentary matters is classified as maintained Eu-law” in accordance with the bill. In Schedule 5A, Part 2, the Minister of the Economy is required to report to Parliament at the end of each “reference period.” Reports must determine whether new EU workers` rights were published during this period. If so, the report must indicate whether the laws of England, Wales and Scotland confer equal rights and, if not, whether the government intends to take action to implement the new rights of EU workers. The new bill removed these safeguard clauses. Instead, the government announced the inclusion of clauses on the protection and strengthening of workers` rights in a separate and imminent employment law. Under the European Union Withdrawal Act (2018 Withdrawal Act), these rights are retained as “preserved European law.” These rights will continue to apply after the UK withdraws from the EU. However, if there are no provisions to maintain existing standards for workers` rights in a future agreement between Britain and the EU, those rights could be changed or reduced by national legislation after Brexit.

Nandy handed over to the government a series of rulings from the European Court of Justice to consider what his new status would be after the elections under the European Withdrawal Act. Johnson`s withdrawal agreement will also end the right to free movement of EU citizens within Europe after the end of the transitional period on 31 December 2020, unless that period is extended. Workers` rights and the protection of women could be at risk after Boris Johnson added a series of changes to the withdrawal agreement after December`s general election, as stated by Lisa Nandy, the Labour front-run candidate. The non-binding political declaration negotiated between the Johnson government and the EU says the future agreement between Britain and the EU should have a fair competition clause.