With respect to the above principles of law, the Supreme Court has ruled that section 9 cannot be verified for safeguards because it is an important clause of the agreement. 9. In light of the discussion, we consider that the sale agreement is not registered, the sale may sell the specific service on the basis of the unregant agreement, in accordance with the law, as filed by the Hon`ble Delhi High Court in Devinder Singh Vs. Hari Singh (decision 26.04.2017) and Hon`ble M.P. High Court in Akshay Doogad Vs. Dr. Laxmanrao Dhole (decision 18.08.2015). As explained in paragraph 5 and 6 above, we allow, in the facts and circumstances of the case, the judge`s appeal and the direct granting of the exemption, etc. 54 of the law. 8. The Supreme Court of Hon`ble has ruled that if an unregant document is presented as evidence, it is not evidence of a sale, but proof of a sale agreement that can be obtained as evidence that it will only be received as evidence of a verbal sale agreement pursuant to Section 49 of the 1908 Act.

The Aund`ble Apex Court added that the admission of an unregistered sale, which the Court issued in such cases, was consistent with the reserve condition set out in Section 49 of the 1908 Act. … The petitioner`s objection of 20.2.1994 to the marking of the use of unregord division is illegal.2. The petitioner filed OS 43 of 2008 against the respondents for… available. As part of the main audit of D.W. 1, he attempted to mark an unregord split of 20.2.1994.3. The petitioner raised an objection to the marking of…

this document, on the grounds that it is an unregated and insufficiently stamped act of division, which can only be admitted into evidence if it is registered with the proper stamp duty. The Court below… Tribunal in OS appeal. No 89/2009; The contract reads: ORDER ON ADMISSIBILITY OF DOCUMENT The applicant submitted the original unregord deed of sale of 12.11.2002… The applicant brought the appeal on the basis of the alleged deed of sale. The applicant relies on the document for the main purpose. Therefore, alleged unregistered sellers are not permitted,… According to the law. Therefore, the defendant`s objection is long-lasting and I go further to say the following. ORDER The applicant is not authorized to obtain the unregistered trademark of sale deed of 12-11-2002 in the… – A document necessary to be registered, – Such unregistered document may, however, be used as evidence for secondary use, in accordance with point 49 of the Registration Act.

A guarantee transaction must be independent or divisible from the transaction that the law imposes for registration. A guarantee transaction must be a transaction that should not be carried out by a registered document, i.e. a transaction that creates a right, title or interest in real estate worth one hundred rupees or more. If a document is inadmissible because of the lack of registration, none of its conditions can be admitted as evidence and the use of a document to prove an important clause would not be used as a secondary object.