Our student buildings are located directly on campus, so you can fall asleep and not have to worry about being late for one of your classes. You also have the freedom to participate in exciting campus events and activities. Are you interested in stress management techniques and self-feelings during the exam season? Want a free lunch? So it`s for you! The Sheridan Davis campus is hosting a Chartwells` WE Well-being workshop on Thursday, February 13th! With WE, Chartwells focuses on providing students with knowledge and techniques about self-stress and stress management, especially when facing the exam season. What`s going on? : A 90-minute workshop led by psychiatry professionals, like me… and equip them with knowledge and techniques on self-resentment and stress management, especially if you are facing the exam season. Lunch is provided! Where?: Davis Campus, Room C331 When? : Thursday, February 13, 1pm How can I register?: buff.ly/38PesT8 – Questions? Please email Julia at julia.kuziw@compass-canada.com The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (“Sheridan”) offers accommodation lists for Places4Students.com owners as a resource only for student convenience. Sheridan verifies, verifies, guarantees or authorizes any owner, student, information or accommodation and cannot guarantee the quality, accuracy, suitability or condition of the accommodation. Sheridan assumes no responsibility for any agreement or agreement between students and donors, the actions of students or donors, the information contained in the resource or the information that you provide to the resource. All risks or responsibilities, including losses related to the use of the resource, will be taken care of by you as a user of the resource. By using this resource, you accept all the terms and conditions. If you are living on campus for the first time, our staff are available for any questions regarding our student apartments.

Oshawa is an exciting city with a lot to discover, and it`s also home to students from around the world. They will be part of a growing international community and you will discover new cultures and new interests along the way! Do you know which rocks? All right. Come #wellnesswednesday every Wednesday from September 11 to December 4, 2019 from 12:15 p.m. to 12:35 p.m. Open to all in Sheridan and no prior experience is required. #sheridanresidence #sheridancollege #sheridanlife Complete a renewal application form at reception by December 1st! You can also send an email to the front desk for the form to info.trafalgar@sheridanresidence.ca I really enjoyed the residency experience; I felt safe and it was nice to have the support of the RAs (Residence Advisors). Our student rental also includes a number of additional facilities. In Oshawa, you can use our games room and reception with 24-hour assistance. Whitby has study rooms, a tv show for movie nights and a day at reception (calls can be made in the evening to our Oshawa site). Our study rooms are perfect for catching up with your school work with a group of classmates or individually. These rooms are particularly suited to exam preparation or at any time if you want a quick update of what you`ve learned in class.