Julio Bautista, an employee of the UIC construction department and a member of SEIU Local 73, told Libération News that he was on strike to provide a living wage for all workers and to maintain union jobs on campus. Wages for local workers have not increased at a rate equivalent to the rising cost of living in Chicago, so many people are fighting for water in extremely volatile economic conditions during a global pandemic. “I`m thrilled with all we`ve accomplished — we`ve won in so many ways,” said Lavitta Steward, program manager and member of seIU Local 73`s negotiating committee. “The university had no respect for our union for this contract. The university did not expect us to come together and get together. The university tried to divide us by an injunction. But what they did was agree, they made us strong, they gave people the courage to fight for themselves and for each other. We will not be lightly passed again, and this is an amazing victory for us. Provisional agreements between SEIU Local 73 and the UIC administration include: Currently, program directors are directly responsible for assigning qualified faculty members to courses that are taught each semester. There are many long-standing relationships with part-time faculties that could be modified as a result of the Union`s representation. In the case of a union, all conditions of employment, including how faculty members are assigned to courses, are discussed at the bargaining table. Loyola and the Union negotiate in good faith the terms of employment and all negotiated terms could be maintained, amended, increased, reduced or abolished. The ability of program directors to select faculties may be limited or compromised. On October 1, UI Health co-chief steward Paul Pater announced on October 1 that a super-majority of nurses voted in favour of the contract guaranteeing safe patient limits.

The organization of work at the UIC and UI Health had been made particularly difficult by the university: the UIC had pushed non-state workers across the SEIU picket line, while UI Health had obtained an injunction against inA, thus preventing some carers from participating in the strike. Despite the university`s efforts to undermine the movement, SEIU Local 73 and INA both left the picket lines victorious after successfully demonstrating their pricing power. Community leaders and local legislators supported striking UIC workers by addressing pickets and joining them at marches, rallies and press conferences. In late October 6, the Service Employees International Union Local 73 announced that a majority of its members had voted in favour of ratifying an agreement between the union and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Your legal rights to negotiate the terms of your employment have been transferred to the EU.