Students should contact the faculty teacher and counselor by e-mail, phone or meeting to conclude the learning agreement. Once established, the learning agreement on the CPH site must be signed by all parties, including faculty advisors, teachers and students. A copy of the agreement should be retained by all parties for future reference and monitoring. The effectiveness of the internship will be greatly improved if the student, teacher and counsellor attempt to clearly define the learning objectives, skills and end products for the internship. It is the student`s responsibility to ensure that all information relating to the learning agreement is complete. If the apprenticeship agreement is not in-depth, it is returned to the student and the start date of the internship may be delayed. Learning objectives are statements that describe the work done and what the student expects from the experience. They are written under the direction of the faculty teacher and counselor. Throughout the course, the learning objectives will guide the student`s progress and allow the teacher and counsellor to assess the student`s performance. The original apprenticeship agreement, signed, is maintained in the OAPSS.

The apprenticeship agreement serves as a contract, protects students and is based on concepts defined in the initial position description. If a student does not enter into the apprenticeship agreement before the start of the internship, the hours spent in the field of training are not taken into account in the internship. Each objective must be a brief and clear statement that explains the tasks that are completed and what you are being evaluated on. The objectives should be SMARTER:.