2-part model professional housing rental contract, part 1 “Rent of a furnished house” and part 2 “Conditions of use”. Thanks to Ae for her help in creating and translating this Thai rental model and to Ann for her help with the first translation tasks. Most problems can be avoided by proper planning, due diligence on the property and obtaining legal advice and assistance before signing a lease agreement or paying a lease bond. In the case of an official (authorized) real estate development, the content of property contracts under which the property is sold must comply with strict soil rules and housing and consumer protection laws. The sale of land and housing in the same development under a lease to foreigners is not required to comply with the same laws and the developer may, on the basis of general contractual freedom, include in the lease agreement various clauses advantageous to him in order to generate sales, such as additional lease renewal conditions that suggest a 90-year lease period. , but which, according to the 90-year rental right, can only be implemented in the form of legal action. The rental agreement is written on the back of the owner`s ownership authorization and on the original title of the Landesamt. There will also be an official Thai rental document with the guaruda symbol of the government (see example) that the parties must sign with the Landesamt. This official document must relate to the private lease agreement between the parties. A copy of the private lease, as well as the official lease of the Landamt, is attached to the deed of ownership of the Landesamt.

In the event of a foreign purchase of leasehold in Thailand, the most complicated part of the transaction is to structure the development of the terms and structure of the lease so that it offers the best protection to the foreign tenant. The lease agreement must be developed by an experienced legal officer to receive the necessary protection to the taker, or the lease cannot be enforceable for the duration of the life (for example. B terminated in the event of the tenant`s death). There are different ways to design a lease or lease in Thailand, but as a general rule, the lease must be written in Thai and comply with the guidelines of the Civil Code and the Regional Council. Under these guidelines, the lease with a foreigner must be reviewed by the Landratsamt beamten before registration, the lease cannot, for example, include the right to transfer property rental or prepaid rental terms into an extension option. Commercial rents are like residential rents subject to civil and commercial law. It was only to stimulate foreign investment that the Thai government created a specific law, the Hire of Immovable Property for Commerce and Industry by Aliens Act B.E.