The parties hereafter state: 16.1 They have read the entire agreement and are bound by all conditions. 16.2 This agreement and other documents were explained to them in the language they understood and they understood the full meaning of all the clauses. 16.3 They agree that this agreement will be concluded at the time of the signing by the parties and that it will become legally binding. A loan agreement, also known as a long-term loan, on-demand loan or loan contract, is a contract that documents a financial agreement between two parties, one being the lender and the other the borrower. Unsecured: An unsecured loan is an unsecured loan. This type of credit is usually more common when you lend money to friends or family members. An unsecured loan may have higher interest rates to offset the risk to the lender to lend money without collateral. I have been in Flat for the last 8 years, they are not ready for the property. Meanwhile, last year I bought a home loan home. Now I want to sell my apartment at all the salary of the part of my loan. This will increase the capital gain. As Flat was recorded in 2015.

This agreement, with the terms and agreement i-lend individually concluded with borrowers and lenders provides the whole agreement. With respect to the issues that resolve the cases and the parties, the respective agreements are examined. With each loan, the interest comes. If it is a personal loan, if you do not want interest, the same thing must be mentioned in the loan agreement. If you want an interest rate, you need to mention how you want to pay interest and whether the loan advance comes with an interest rate incentive. As Shakespeare wrote: “Loans are often lost to both themselves and their friends.” If you lend money to a friend or family member, be careful not to get your money back and never return to normal. Think twice before lending money to a friend. Sometimes it`s best not to lend money to a friend if they keep an eye on their best interests. My father gave a loan of 10 lakes to his neighbour with 2% interest and registered in by note. Now he is not paying the interest amount properly.

Could you please suggest how we could take legal action against him, what is the procedure? Pronote was published on 2014 Sep. Dear Karthik, thanks for the response. We are concerned about whether we should pay all taxes if my friend transfers money to my account. And for the latter, what will help us the PN or the credit contract? Dear Nagesh, the real estate law is approved by the Union cabinet, but has not yet been adopted by Parliament. Read: Highlights of the real estate bill. Please note that a sale agreement is only a document to obtain another document, i.e. the deed of sale, and does not transfer ownership of the property. No one will own a property simply by executing an agreement to sell in its favour. However, both parties must comply with the terms of the sale agreement. Dear Sir, my mother had granted cash loans to the known person. The loans were made in good faith and with the assurance that they will be repaid when necessary and with interest.

However, the insurance turned out to be a big lie and the person started to avoid all our calls. We got blank cheques signed by her and we too got to sign it on the change of sola. We also have a photocopy of their real estate document. These are the only documents we have. Now, even after repeated requests, this person dodges the payments and there is no indication that the money is returned. This causes great psychological torment for us within our family and has forced us to have a strained relationship with my mother, who is 65 years old and who has affected her mental and physical health. I worry about losing my mother because of this tension. In addition, I learned that he had threatened to declare himself a loser in the run-up to the court.

This statement from him stifled our hopes of getting the money back from him. Please help us and advise yourself.