The ACT of the POA executed by the owner in favour of an agent in India must be attested by an official of the Indian embassy/high commission in that country or by a notary of the country where that power was executed and that Act B must be sent to the authorities under sealed cover. A power of attorney usually has a date and place where the document is drawn up, with the exception of the details of the client and the lawyer. These details are names, age, address, etc. The document expressly states that counsel has the right to perform certain acts on his behalf. A POA is a widely used document. This document is used to assist the officer in performing certain acts on behalf of the client. The client is the person who obtained the authorization. It is up to the client to decide what powers he can delegate to the lawyer and the lawyer`s act is considered to be executed by the client. In many cases, most non-resident Indians may own real estate in India – or real estate. A whole series of their properties are empty for most parts of the year. Not only do non-residents face this problem, but people who have emigrated in search of greener pastures In Level I cities, they face such problems.

While it is considered a good option to find a tenant or tenant, so that the property is kept in good condition, most of these owners are too busy in their professional life to find time and effort to find a tenant and negotiate the terms and establish a rental contract and, if necessary, take care of the registration. A power of attorney may be made to last a lifetime of both, the principal and the owner of the lawyer, or it may be revoked by the principal whenever he deems it appropriate. After the death of one of the persons, the power is annulled. The online rental process based on a proxy for the rental place is the same as the online lease registration procedure. There is the only requirement of the signed proxy document, in which the client has authorized the lawyer to act on his behalf. The detailed description of the task is then mentioned by counsel. Such tasks may include: All that is needed from your end is to identify the trusted person who may be your relative or friend as your lawyer, and we will help you go further. Our legal team prepares your proxy document, taking into account your specific requirements, in order to protect your interests.

The rights granted are limited on the basis of your discretion. If your property is empty due to a tenant`s lack of a tenant, the best solution would be it Special Attorney Attorney For Lease Of Property.