It is important that each team sets its own standards and agrees on what happens if team members do not meet the standards. Members who use a non-verbal cue or image symbol to recall the member who does not follow the standard. Teams can be creative in their approaches to hold members to account and impose standards in any way they deem appropriate. At the end of the day, members of political groups must agree that they will not be afraid to speak out and hold each other to account. Four Minutes In this minutes, participants examine a text in detail and take into account the author`s assumptions, as well as their own agreements, arguments and aspirations. Finally, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker and Thomas Many offer other suggestions for creating standards in their book Learning by Doing. Here`s what you`re proposing: let`s think first about why we might want to set standards. When an SPS prepares for this process of defining standards and establishing a vision and mission and goals for the SPS as a team or as a community of practice, it helps the SPS demonstrate the critical characteristics for success. In fact, all highly efficient site management teams engage in this cyclical process. It is important to rethink all these elements, which are often based on student academic data and socio-emotional data, such as student behaviour and information about school culture. And it`s important to integrate the reactions of teachers, parents and students, as teams go through this cyclical process. So let`s talk about some good practices that you should keep in mind when defining and implementing SPS standards.

First, when it comes to designing your standards, it is a proven method of sticking to about five to seven standards. It is important that all team members are able to participate in the development of standards and it is important that team members approve the standards by consensus. When it`s time to apply your standards, be sure to check the standards at the beginning of each SPS meeting, even if it repeats itself.