“Pre-authorization,” an agreement signed by you and PayPal that expressly authorizes a particular activity. This permission cannot be granted by email. The purchase is concluded and the settlement agreement is established for future payments with billingagrementid. You do not have the right to make that agreement. (e) we close your PayPal account for any reason, as indicated in the PayPal`s use agreement or in any other agreement you have entered into with PayPal; (b) make refunds or otherwise resolve customer claims in accordance with your agreement with the buyer; 2.1 Access. As a developer, you can test your API calls in the Sandbox PayPal, available through api.sandbox.paypal.com and www.sandbox.paypal.com. When testing in the sandbox, you can only use anonymous non-living data. The API PayPal benchmark transaction allows a debtor and a distributor to enter into a billing contract or agreement based on benchmark transactions. A benchmark accounting is a financial accounting that you initiate through a billing agreement and from which you can deduct subsequent payments. Define the balance of an agreement by handing over the ID of the agreement to the URI of the requirement. Also pass an item common_currency in the JSON requirement, indicating the type of currency and the value of the balance. Call your server with the data.billingToken value file in a REST API /v1/billing-agreements/agreements call.

(b) you are violating another clause of this Agreement or any other agreement between you and PayPal and will not be able to remedy this violation within ten calendar days from the time of receipt of notification of PayPal or any other deadline set by PayPal; Note: This feature applies to all new and existing transaction-based reference settlement agreements and pre-approved payment agreements. 2.1 Access. As a developer, you can access the tools for developers, including sandbox PayPal available through api.sandbox.paypal.com and www.sandbox.paypal.com. Developer`s tools are provided without modification and can be updated, modified or completed at any time. We do not make commitments or complaints about the availability or availability of the Sandbox Service Note: When you initiate a reference transaction, PayPal advises using a settlement ID to avoid confusion. You pass the billing contract ID in the JSON requirement text of a call /v1/payments/payment or a v2/orders call. 5.8.2 Feedback, while classified as confidential, does not create confidentiality obligations for PayPal unless PayPal otherwise agreed in a signed agreement; 8.2.1 A direct contractual relationship (agreement) with the purchaser for the provision of goods or services for payment or other value; To update a billing agreement, please indicate the agreement ID in the api-m.sandbox.paypal.com/v1/billing-agreements/agreements/B-50V812176H0783741-URI: To view the details of a billing compromise, include the jet in the URI: 15.9.1 Technical issues must be forwarded to the technical development services team of PayPal under developer.paypal.com.