At the end of the first jury trial (the case would eventually move to another trial), Oracle`s lawyers` arguments focused on a Java function called “rangeCheck.” 1.1.2 Perpetual Software. The validity of the indeterminate software license is unlimited, unless it is terminated under this Agreement or an amendment. Oracle also sells a number of commercial applications. Oracle`s e-business suite includes software for performing various business functions related to (z.B.) Finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), corporate resource planning (ERP) and human resources management. Oracle Retail Suite[24] covers the vertical retail sector and provides merchandise management, price management, account comparison, allocations, branch management, inventory management, needs planning, product financial planning, assortment planning and category management. [Citation required] Users can access these facilities via the internet or through a network of businesses via a browser interface. 4.3 Proposals. To the extent that the licensee makes or communicates other proposals, netwrix provides requests for extension, recommendations or other information about software, cloud service or services (together ” Comments “) and creates works derived from all comments contained in the comments. 1.7 Third-party components. The software is distributed with certain third-party components that are licensed “Open Source” to Netwrix, as these licenses require certain provisions to be included in the distribution of these third-party components. The licensee recognizes these conditions, which are indicated in the software`s text files, when the licensee uses the Software, a copy of which is available under Any third-party software is provided with the rights under the applicable licensing conditions and “AS-IS” is provided without any guarantee.

These third-party licensing conditions do not apply to the software as a whole or to the proprietary parts of the Netwrix-owned software.