Hey, Michael! First of all, I would like to thank you for your time, I learned a lot from your blog! My wife and I live in Montreal and we move to Toronto in a month. We are both independents. Our credit rating is excellent and revenues more than adequate. However, the inseminator asks for a guarantor because we are self-employed, is that not a bit discriminatory? Hello MIchael, My daughter and her boyfriend are looking for a lease to sign a 2 room apartment. However, your building does not make common leases or separate rentals for each bedroom. They require only one of them to sign the lease for the entire unit. Their advice was that one of the girls signed the lease and that the parents of the other girl registered as guarantors. What do you advise to do? Is it not advisable to register as a guarantor? Another challenge a lessor may face is that the lessor has not adequately defined the obligations under the guarantor guarantee. If a lessor does not correctly define the obligation, the lessor cannot apply the guarantee to the guarantors; Times Square v. Shimizu, 2001 BCCA 448: 18. I accept the applicant`s assertion that the landlord and the tenant council are not competent to the guarantors. In other words, when a landlord owes rent arrears to tenants, he or she can act in front of the room against the tenants, but the room cannot issue an order against the surety because a surety is not a “tenant” within the meaning of the act: 501606 Ontario Ltd.

Manbauhar, 1998 Carswell 6412 (ORHT). Hey, Michael. Great website thank you for all your information. Retired seniors can be guarantors for their daughters and husbands who are trying to live and rent in Ottawa. Thanks in advanceKeith A deposit is a person who promises the landlord that they will pay your rent if you stop paying for any reason. They are sometimes called “co-signers” because they also sign the lease. A guarantor is often a relative, family member or close friend. Hello, Michael: I signed a lease as guarantor of my son and his roommate. There didn`t seem to be much choice in this case, because my son needed a place to live.

He`s on ODSP. I think his roommate is also on an equal footing. ODSP pays the owner right after my son. It never went bankrupt. His roommate became insolvent, but then he paid, so there is no unpaid debt. I think the roommate will also start paying third-party payments. The lease expires on September 1, 2016. They intend to continue occupying the apartment for months to several months or, if necessary, to sign another lease. I want to end my responsibilities. The guarantee clause reads: “The surety agrees with the lessor that this guarantee should remain in effect as long as the tenant remains in possession of the premises, whether as part of that lease or an extension or extension of the premises, or under the law.” My question is: can I submit my intention to terminate my guarantee, even if my son and his roommate renew their stay after the expiry of the lease; Namely, seven.