Warning: If you decide later that you want to change the level of child care, it can be difficult to change child care if you and the other parent have reached an agreement in the past, and this agreement differs from the guidelines. See chapter 156.401 (a) of the Texas Family Code. TexasLawHelp does not offer forms to apply child assistance. Child care only covers the normal cost of a child`s life. It does not include things such as child care, medical bills that are not paid by insurance, travel expenses for visiting the other parent or a child`s specific educational needs. Parents must expressly ask the judge to include these additional costs in the child assistance decision. A parent may be ordered by a judge to pay child benefit. Even if there is no court order, both parents are expected to financially support their child. A parent who does not live with a child and does not support the child may be asked to “refund” or “retroactively” to the person who cared for the child. A: No. To open a new IV-D file, at least one child must be under the age of 18 at the time of application. Once each parent`s net income is calculated, the Child Care Directive is used to determine the percentage of net income to be paid as family allowances.

A judge cannot include the income of the spouse of the non-custodian parent in the calculation of custody of the children. See chapter 154.069 of the Texas Family Code. A: We will continue to collect family allowances on your behalf, unless you request in writing that we close the not-without-protection portion of your case. We will continue for child care during the period that children receive CalWORK benefits. If the non-depository is not housed, if the aid is suspended and if no legal action is taking place, we will send you a letter of non-social assistance. If you do not respond to this letter and you have the above criteria, we will consider the case of the closure. If the case is closed for this reason, we will continue to access our location sources. If we find an address or property for the non-custodian, we will review the case to review it to monitor the recovery of family allowance arrears owed to the county during the period during which the assistance was paid. You can pay for your child care by phone or online with a credit card, bank transfer, mail or MoneyGram or Fidelity XPressPay. Learn more about payment methods for your child support: Texas Attorney General – Payment Options.