Starting in 2019, the DES specification will require networks to open data within the network. Starting in 2020, a new network investment and impact fund will be set up to fund networks that could successfully reduce the burden of secondary supply in a controlled and agreed-upon manner and that could be used by the network to develop more sustainable community services. In this case, the CGC may require a reorganization of existing NCPs. This could mean that the approach of a non-viable NCP must be merged into neighbouring NCPs. Although this is done by mutual agreement at first, it can be imposed by the CGC: what does registration mean for practices and networks? What are the calendars? (4 min. 26 sec.) Networks will facilitate joint decision-making between practices for their entire network population (usually 30-50,000), in terms of the allocation of financial resources/labour and the increase in the provision of services. Networks need to be geographically consistent. How does this year`s DES network differ? (38 sec.) The thorny issue of the “exclusion” of a network practice (7 min 46 sec) A new compensation mechanism will, if necessary, adapt between the amount of the overall practice and the network level of the additional amount of the reimbursement of roles, depending on the level of actual revenue of the partner NHS. It will allow for an overall adjustment of the sums in both directions. The purpose of the mechanism is to give confidence to the profession and taxpayers by protecting themselves from higher-than-expected inflation increases or partner subscriptions.

It would also increase or reduce the number of additional employees funded by the DES network contract. If an NCP is not willing to accept a practice, the Commissioner, in conjunction with the CML, will initiate discussions with the practice and the corresponding NCP and will take all appropriate steps to reach agreement on the conditions for integrating the practice into a NCP. In the absence of agreement, the delegate may require a NCP to incorporate the practice as the central network practice of that NCP. Definition of the difference between PCN DES and PMS agreement and GMS contract (17 min. 23 sec.) 4.9.3. If the delegate finds that there is no agreement on the conditions for integrating the practice into a NCP, the delegate may require a NCP to incorporate the practice as a central network practice of that NCP. The requirements (and associated funding) for access to the advanced DES schedule (currently implemented by firms) will be transferred to the network responsible for guaranteeing equivalent coverage for 100% of the network`s population. Increasingly, and by 2021 for all sectors, this activity will be brought into line with the evening and weekend services, which are currently funded at USD 6 per patient in each territory of the country, and all will be under the direction of the network. This will allow for a more integrated service, with local practices. To become a network, firms must complete a short submission to the GCC as part of the DES by May 15, 2019 at THE LATEST.