The Select Plus program, which was developed primarily for medium- and large-scale companies, allows customers to acquire indeterminate licenses and in the customer`s choice of software backup over a specified period (usually three years or less). Like open programs, the Select Plus program allows customers to purchase only licenses, purchase licenses with software insurance, or renew software insurance when existing volume licensing agreements expire. Online services can also be purchased through the Select Plus program and subscriptions are generally structured with durations of between one and three years. Combined with the value-added services of a cloud-based system integrator, hosting partner or reseller, the CSP program offers an easy way to license the cloud services your customers need. Local software and software insurance are not available from CSP partners. You must be a provider of Microsoft Licensing Solutions (LSP) to sell licenses and subscriptions through Microsoft Enterprise agreements and registrations. Microsoft Open License is the easiest license purchase in which you buy the license in advance and you own it forever. Insurance software can be added, but it is optional. The open license is ideal if you have the money to spend on a license, and buy a smaller amount of licenses. Pricing depends on the organization you`re with. Among the different price levels of the organization, many people think that buying Microsoft Office is about buying it from the physical or virtual shelf. Small business owners may not realize that you don`t need to buy hundreds of copies to qualify you for volume license discounts.

Microsoft offers many programs that are flexible and affordable, starting with only 5 licenses. Microsoft open license and open value programs helps make software licensing more affordable, scalable and accessible. The enterprise agreement is designed for larger volumes and offers greater savings. Factors such as how many licenses you need, how much upfront capital you have to purchase licenses, and how long your software will last, will all determine the type of license that works best for you. We license software to organizations under agreements that allow the end user to purchase multiple licenses for products and services. Our agreements for multi-product and service licensing organizations are designed to give them the ability to do so without having to purchase packaged products separated through retail channels. When making organizational licensing agreements available for the market, we use different programs that offer flexibility to organizations of different sizes. While these programs can make a difference in different parts of the world, they usually contain those discussed below. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a program for large companies that must purchase more than 250 licenses at the same time. This allows companies to access mass licenses at an affordable price, and the price per license is considerably lower than the purchase of individual licenses. Software Assurance can also be added to Enterprise Agreement licenses for a fee. To become a licensed mobility partner, you must be a microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) partner and attach an addendum with additional licensing mobility requirements to your SPLA contract.