If you do not use the software in accordance with the terms of this license agreement, this is a violation of the agreement and your license to use the program will be revoked. 2.4 Contributions. The contributor agrees to the terms of this contract for all contributions you have made. With the exception of the licences granted, contributor reserves all rights, titles and interest for contributions and contributions. Mirasvit Ltd., known as “Mirasvit,” owns the intellectual property rights of the site and the material it contains. Subject to the license mentioned below, all intellectual property rights are reserved. Can I use the Magento brand in one of my domain names or URLs? No no. You cannot use the Magento brand or any other brand associated with our company`s Magento offer in your domain name or url. (Example: “www.magentohosting.com” is not allowed). More information on this topic can be found below. 2.2 Patent license issue.

Subject to the terms of this agreement, contributors and contributors grant Magento, magento and all third parties to software, products, services and information that are provided by Magento for an indeterminate period, international patent license, non-exclusive, toll-free, irrevocable, for production, use, use, sale, sale, import and other contribution transfers, provided that such a licence applies only to claims that are only licensed by the contributor and which are necessarily harmed only by contributions or by a combination of software and/or information relating to software and/or information relating to software, products, services or information. 10.5 This ECJ represents the entire agreement and understanding of the parties as to the purpose of this REPORT and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and agreements between the parties regarding the purpose of this ECJ. Subject to clause [7.1], each party acknowledges that no promise or commitment that is not expressly included in this CAU was made by or on behalf of the other party. If you have not signed another license agreement with Aheadworks, Inc., your use of the software means that you accept this agreement and its terms. “licensee,” the licensee of the software in accordance with this CSUE; The license agreement remains valid until the termination. We reserve the right to terminate your license to use the Software at any time. At your discretion, you will not respect the terms of the agreement, including, but is not limited to the concealment or elimination of author references specified in this Agreement. You can finish it at any time by destroying all copies of the software. The termination of this contract does not require us to return the amount spent on the purchase of the software. If you continue to use the software after Mirasvit has informed you of the termination of your license. In this way, you have agreed to accept an injunction that prevents you from continuing to use it.

Since you have to pay, all fees (including, but not limited to reasonable legal fees) require our revocation of your license and any damages we will suffer as a result of your misuse of the software. I`m a developer. What does the OSL 3.0 license mean to me? OSL 3.0 allows developers to access the Magento Open Source source code. Developers can modify and customize the software and distribute their own derivative works under the OSL 3.0 license. This will lead to a larger community of developers that will improve Magento in a way available to all. These conditions serve us and are not intended to appeal to third parties or to be enforceable by third parties. The exercise of the rights of both parties to these conditions is not subject to the agreement of a third party.