You are usually referred by the Lewes District Housing Needs Department – if you haven`t done so yet, call 01273 471600 or email to make an appointment with a housing agent for a homeless assessment. You will then ask to call HOMELINK if a recommendation is appropriate and give you our application form. If you are considering moving into a smaller property or moving to protected housing from general accommodation, you may receive a financial incentive. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may use assistance to help you eliminate fees, handling fees or debts to the Commission. Please contact your local council for more information on current incentive systems. Previous Swap Your House Council or Housing Company There are different ways to change a board rental agreement. But what you can do depends on the rent you keep. Some policies are given on this page, but please contact us directly for advice on your personal situation. If you make changes to your Board member, we always advise you to seek independent legal advice. For the latest information from Lewes District Council on Convirous, please go here If a tenant dies, it can be transferred a fee for rent that is known as an estate. A lease can only be passed on once. The rules on inheritance tax depend on when the lease began and the type of lease maintained. If you have rent arrears, contact us at the end of your lease to reach an agreement to correct arrears on your account.

If you do not pay your arrears, we can send your data to a collection office. If you violate the terms of your lease, the Commission will take appropriate action to remedy it. In the event of a serial offence, the Commission will attempt to recover possession through the judicial process. “That same week, we presented our new business plan for the District, which puts climate emergency and housing at the heart of our actions, we are announcing this incredibly exciting proposal for new Council housing.” Sometimes it is possible to assign a lease from one party to another, often when a roommate wishes to transfer his share of a common lease to the other party and transfer it as a single asset. This can only happen once and counts as a succession of the lease. The right to sell allows secure council tenants to purchase their home at a reduced price or market value, depending on the length of their tenancy. To apply, you must have a secure lease. You should check what your rental rights will be in a new home before accepting the rent exchange, as you can get other rights or less with your new rental agreement.