The person responsible for your learning agreement is the faculty coordinator at The University of Warmia and Mazuryin Olsztyn. The apprenticeship contract should be signed by 3 pages (you, the home university and the coordinator of the UWM faculty) before you arrive in Olsztyn. 3. Close an application from the consortium for admission to the Consortium of Catholic Schools in the Midwest and submit the completed form to Marquette University Graduate School. . We are pleased to now offer limited face-to-face tours of the campus in addition to a rich range of virtual tours. Whether you`re in high school, planning to move from another university or planning to graduate from a degree you started years ago, there`s a UWM visit experience for you. For more information, visit . This information is intended for students at Marquette University, UW-Milwaukee, and the Medical College of Wisconsin who wish to participate in the exchange program between universities. MU at Notre Dame University Exchange Application Process 2.

Apprenticeship agreement – 1 copy with the signatures of students and issuing institutions3. Arrival form – only if you know the exact date of your arrival4. Graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) can take one or more courses at Marquette University under the auspices of the MU-UWM Exchange Program. Students must be beginner students to be eligible. UWM students must apply to Marquette University Graduate School for admission as a non-graduate student. The “Request for the Marquette-UWM Exchange” form is to be used and can be sent manually, Faxed or mailed to marquette University Graduate School1324 West Wisconsin Avenue, Room 305Milwaukee, WI 53233 Fax: (414) 288-1902 The registration fee is issued and no proof will be required other than the confirmation of a UWM official that you are a graduate student with a good reputation and that you are eligible for the exchange program. As of this date, Chris Parks ( or (414) 229-6332 is responsible for UWM certification. They are responsible for the UWM for teaching at the UWM rate and teaching at Marquette University is cancelled for students admitted to this exchange program. Download Marquette-UWM Exchange Program Application Every Erasmus student has the opportunity to take a Polish language course where you can learn basic grammar rules and words useful for everyday use.

Note that there are not many Poles who speak English, especially the older ones, so knowledge of the basics of Polish is a good way to manage all kinds of everyday situations, discover a new culture and feel more comfortable in a new environment. Our teacher is a competent person who has the ability to work in a multicultural environment. She`s friendly and helpful. Marquette University Graduate School will help the student enrol in the corresponding class.