Does your agency have direct contracts with carriers? If not, does the aggregator or cluster make its aggregates available for verification? Do you support the contract? The SIAA is not in itself an insurance cluster, an aggregator, or a network. SIAA is a national network of 48 master`s agencies in the United States, with nearly 5,000 members who together write $9.1 billion in bonuses. If you decide to join us, you would be a member of one of these master`s agencies that will use their local knowledge, relationships and know-how to help you grow. The purpose of joining a cluster is to combine your business books in order to gain more influence in negotiations with carriers. This means you have to retain exclusive ownership of your book – some clusters may force you to “buy it back” if you decide to leave. This is also variable for different models of aggregators or clusters. Insurance bundles charge registration fees, membership fees and sometimes also maintenance and even exit fees. Do research, read reviews, ask current and former members and make sure there are no hidden fees before signing. This document is not designed to recommend one model over another, because the decision to join an aggregator or cluster is a very personal business decision, determined by your short- and long-term requirements and objectives.

It is important to assess whether this model provides the services, access and revenues of airlines that help your agency be efficient and sustainable over time. This guide is not intended to provide specific advice on legal, commercial or other issues. It has been prepared exclusively for use as a guide, does not replace the independent assessment of a contract provision by agents, and makes no recommendations for signing or denying a contract with the language. If legal advice or other specific experts are needed or desired, the services of an appropriate and competent professional, for example. B of a lawyer, must be solicited. The independent agency landscape has changed many years, but nothing more than the development of inter-institutional relationships through groups, clusters and aggregators. The creation of these models has served the needs of many independent agents over the years through carrier access, scale, resource pooling, education and training, marketing and certain underwriting und Placement-Support models. I think People Helping People has the best contract for independent brokers. We have the best contract with the many carriers we use. You can build a brand with us. Patrick Bet David has built a great platform for insurance agents.

Let`s talk to my David. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. My email address is [e-mail address]. You can use paper files or a rudimentary calculation board to manage your customer information. However, affiliate to the insurance cluster could give you access to sophisticated agency management software. Many of these packages allow you to manage your entire agency in one place and optimize management, management, commissions, business development, legal compliance and more. Keep in mind that each rewarding network/alliance also performs its due diligence on you and your agency. Recruiters from a quality network will study your history and production to ensure you have the skills, experience, etc. to succeed. If this is not the case, you should question the potential impact of its other members on the organization as a whole and on your agency. You should also work with you to identify areas where your organization can help you meet your needs and goals.