(iv) Each year following the IPO, each of Discovery and Oyster (and one of their eligible purchasers holding shares) has the right to sell an offer to the public pursuant to Rule 144 under Rule 144, in accordance with Rule 144. law applicable to non-U.S. companies, if it exists, if it is intended, however, that all securities to be admitted on behalf of FoundryCo be included in such a public offering and, as in the case of shareholders wishing to sell securities, the number of securities to be included in such a public offering is allocated in proportion to the amount of securities that each shareholder (and its authorized ceders) intends to sell; further, provided that all securities to be included in such a public offering on behalf of Discovery and Oyster and their respective eligible takers have priority over any other shareholder or staff member of FoundryCo or any of its subsidiaries; Where the agreement is terminated in accordance with Section 8.01, all rights and obligations of the parties under this contract (with the exception of this paragraph, section 5.04 (Confidential Information), Section 8.02 (Communications), Section 8.10 (applicable law); Arbitration), Section 8.13 (Expenditure) and Appendix A (definitions) are completed. There is no provision in this section 8.01 that exempts part of a breach of an agreement or agreement contained in this Agreement that occurred prior to the termination date of this Agreement. (iv) changing one of the transaction documents; the conclusion of a transaction, agreement or agreement of the type described in Section 2.07 (b) v); and this agreement and other transaction documents constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and this agreement and complement all previous written and oral agreements and commitments between Discovery, Oyster and FoundryCo with respect to the purpose of this agreement and this agreement. (a) FoundryCo cannot and does not induce its subsidiaries (either directly, or by amendment, merger, consolidation, reclassification, or other) (and each shareholder undertakes to choose all shares for which that shareholder is the registered shareholder or for which that shareholder has the opportunity to control or direct voting rights at a shareholder meeting (and the resolution requesting the authority) that is not in good standing , unless the Board of Directors initially approved this measure by a majority; Provided, however, that the Committee may request, by decision, prior notification or prior approval from the Committee, so that all measures are taken in the context of the ordinary activity; if, in the case of a case that otherwise requires approval under this section 2.07, either in the five-year capital plan or in the annual business plan approved by the board of directors or shareholders under this agreement and the financing agreement, there is no need for further approval of the Board of Directors.