2. A statement that the city may amend or terminate the contract if, as a result of such an audit, the Planning Board or City Council finds, on the basis of essential evidence, that the applicant or successor to the agreement has not complied in good faith with the terms of the contract. c. be prescribed or necessary, in particular, by the conditions of an authorization, application or other authorization necessary for the development of land granted or issued to the city, county and/or landowners by a federal, regional or regional authority; and E. Registration. Within 10 days of a development contract being signed, the city`s author will register a copy of the agreement with the district clerk. (1641 No. 2, 2001) C. Application fees. The applicant pays taxes for filing and processing an application, in accordance with the City Council`s decision. [Sec 65865.] (1641 No. 2, 2001) The purpose of this chapter is to implement the provisions of the Planning and Planning Act.

All development agreements are implemented in accordance with this chapter. B. Hearing and appointment of the planning commission. The planning committee is holding a public hearing to consider whether the development contract should be approved. The notice of hearing must be submitted in accordance with sections 65090 and 65091 of the government code. The Commission may recommend authorization, conditional approval or rejection of the application. 2. a development agreement that was approved in conjunction with a PUD authorization on the territory of the specific “South Livermore Valley” plan in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 2-82 LPZC; 1) application of new rules, regulations and policies that do not contradict the provisions of the development agreement; or description of the object document: the building permit procedure is about granting permission to build buildings on the basis of specific rules and rules. Why is this necessary: To determine whether the property is allowed or not Mandatory: Yes Required in the original: None necessary for: Purchase of real estate Description of the property document: An individual owner and a contractor can enter a JDA.

The main feature of a JDA is that the landowner will bring land and the owner will conduct development activities there. Depending on the price of the land, the common development relationship between the parties is established. In most cases, the owner will agree not to assign housing to X to the owner of the land, and there is no change of currency between owner and owner. In light of the above, the landowner will part with his share of the land in favour of the owner or his candidate. It also allows the owner to build an apartment on his land and sell the agreed number of apartments. Why is this necessary: To determine whether the original title is required from the owner or owner of the land: Yes Required in the original: None necessary for: Purchase of real estate 3. An amendment to an existing development agreement. (1641 No. 2, 2001) C.

The rights of the city. A development contract does not prevent the city from later complaining about: A. Review. The planning committee holds a public hearing to verify each development agreement at least every twelve months from the date it is held.