Packages delivered by mail (Purolator, UPS, Fedex) can be delivered to the residential building, as receptions are staffed to receive them. The Residence Community Living Guide has been designed to make it easier for you to get started by looking at the expectations of our community. In this document you will find: It is very important that housing and common areas are maintained at a high level. Students must complete an online interview application form through their Residence Hub page in Dal Online. Maintenance lists are made available to our employees for Monday-Friday repairs and requests are met in a timely manner. In an emergency, for example. B of a water leak or broken window, these and other problems should be immediately reported to the building`s staff or reception. Approved posters are stamped and can then be placed in designated areas. Residence has the right to remove posters at any time.

Approval of notices does not indicate approval of goods or services on behalf of the university. It is very exciting for your student to know who he is going to live with during his stay. Ask your student to send an email to the Residence Office in to find out who they will live with. If your roommate has agreed to publish his personal data, we can share their first name and email. We think this is a great opportunity for roommates to connect before they even get to campus. Please note: The additional guidelines introduced under COVID-19 mean that our apartments are substance-free for at least the month of September. During this period, students are not allowed to use alcohol or cannabis that is not prescribed in residences or to be in possession. For more information, please see the annex to the Code of Conduct for Residence. Students must leave their residence within 24 hours of their last fall exam. Residences close for the winter break at noon of the day after the last exam scheduled in the Bachelor calendar. Don`t make travel arrangements until your student has a personal exam plan! The residence contract is a contract between you and the university.

The purpose of the agreement is to protect both you and the university by presenting the responsibilities of both parties. Introduce yourself early, as space is limited in our non-traditional residences. If your student has certain room requirements during your stay, we will be happy to help you meet your needs.