Today, with more than 15,000 member organizations worldwide, we see ourselves as part of a major war between the methods, results and principles of big box franchisors like Gold`s, Bally`s and 24-hour fitness compared to those of our small boxes. We like affiliates to hold contests and we want to do everything in our power to promote such events. When planning your contest, please follow these simple rules: Once you are a member, you must have a live website before we can link you to the affiliate list. It is our main vehicle to encourage you; That`s why we expect you to keep a good site. Please register a domain bearing the CrossFit name only after your affiliate application has been approved; CrossFit is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal. We encourage and welcome CrossFit Club Affiliates High School/Primary School. We waive the affiliation tax and insurance obligation for these specific affiliates. To qualify for a school, you must go to a school campus, train only students and staff, and be free. By submitting, posting, downloading, downloading, by presenting, transmitting or distributing other information, including training, nutrition, gymnasium and biographical information, messages, notes, text, list, videos, images, graphics, drawings, audio, music and sound, text, data, communication or other content (“User Content”), you allow CrossFit to treat the user`s content as non-confidential and non-confidential. You retain all your rights to the user content you post on our website. From the date the user`s content is uploaded or transmitted, you grant CrossFit, its subsidiaries, CrossFit-owned, CrossFit-linked or crossFit-controlled businesses, executives, administrators, employees, employees, consultants, agents and representatives a non-exclusive right, worldwide, indefinite, irrevocable, toll-free, fully paid, licensed and freely transferable, and a reproducibility license, publish, distribute, view, view, execute, edit, adapt, transfer, sell, translate and use all or part of the user`s content, in whole or in part, including, in whole or in part, with respect to business, promotion, marketing and advertising for the business, , CrossFit events, competitions and services, including their enhancement, in all media formats and in all means or methods that are now known or discovered below. You agree that CrossFit may use your user content without compensation or credit, including third-party sublicensing, to make one of the above terms.

To the extent that current legislation permits, you also waive any claim that the use of the user`s content by CrossFit and/or its third parties or sublicensing is contrary to your rights, including, but not exclusively, to moral rights, data protection rights, advertising rights, property rights, legal or other rights and/or credit rights for the material or ideas exposed to it. You agree that CrossFit may publish or otherwise disclose your name, age and other information provided to you as part of your CrossFitID or event recording content. You can only use the CrossFit name for other commercial or advertising purposes if you have a subsidiary. Only membership gives you the legal right to use the CrossFit name for commercial and/or advertising purposes. Send the payment for your first year as a CrossFit partner.