Network Rail made the capital available for the upgrade and will recover it through a facility tax over the next 30 years, which was initially to be paid by Chiltern until the franchise expires and then by the next franchisee. The infrastructure upgrade was carried out by the prime contractor BAM Nuttall in collaboration with Jarvis and WS Atkins. [49] [56] [57] In 2017, Chiltern Railways entered into an agreement with Artemis Intelligent Power and the Rail Safety and Standards Board to provide one of its redundant DVTs as a delivery vehicle for conversion into a new type of diesel locomotive. [77] Chiltern`s current franchise, operated by Arriva UK Trains, will end in December 2021, when a new franchise will be launched. The London-Aylesbury Line is the second “main line” operated by the company. The route connects London (Marylebone) to Aylesbury via Amersham. All chiltern railways run all the way between Marylebone and Aylesbury stations and call all stations north of Amersham; Most trains are extended from one station to Aylesbury Vale Parkway. The route runs along the London Underground metropolitan line between Finchley Road (north of Marylebone Station) and Harrow-on-the-Hill, with each operator on separate tracks. Beyond Harrow-on-the-Hill, the tracks are shared between Chiltern Railways and Metropolitan Line. It is the only example of national rail service using non-network railways, and it uses a single unregulated rail access agreement with the London Underground. [29] Beyond Amersham (where the metropolitan line ends) all routes are operated only by Chiltern Railways. In June 1996, M40 Trains[2] was awarded by the Director of Passenger Rail Franchising, for a period of seven years, the Chiltern Railway franchise, which began operating on 21 July 1996. [3] M40 Trains was a management buyout led by a few former British Rail executives, who together held 51% of the shares, with the support of John Laing (26%) 3i (23%).

In a restructuring in March 1999, John Laing took an 84% stake, with the remaining 16% owned by former British Rail executives. [4] [5] These conditions tell you the rules governing the use of our websites and (our sites). If we have confirmed your booking by email to your registered email address, we will send you your ticket or withdrawal number using the method chosen at the time of booking. After receiving your ticket, make sure the data is correct. If you have a question about your tickets, please visit the contact area on our website or contact our Customer Service on 03456 005 165. The current franchise of Chiltern Railways began in March 2002 and is currently operated by Arriva UK Trains, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, Germany`s national rail operator. The franchise consists mainly of trains to and from London Marylebone Station and is expected to last twenty years. Arriva also operates the CrossCountry and London Overground franchises. If you know or assume that someone other than you know your user ID code or password, you should inform us immediately of one of the contact methods described In June 2006, M40 Trains was invited by the Department of Transportation to submit an offer for the operation of the Snow Hill lines, which were then operated by Central Trains as part of the West Midlands franchise lease.