Where to start? This place has a huge roach problem. I have a friend who lives in another unit, and she has the same problems. A lot of cockroaches everywhere. The inside of the drawers and closets were dirty with dead bugs and black stuff when I moved in. The fireplace for the AC is in the kitchen and it licks thin yellow stuff on the kitchen walls. The power went out 4 times and took days to repair it each time. When I first moved here, it was a bit quiet, and now it looks like it`s in the middle of a playground during the break at a primary school. It`s very noisy here. My fiance received a package at the front desk, he picked it up and he wasn`t there. he went to the post office to see if they had it, and they told him they were going with the lady in the office. Either the manager stole it or he lost it. even the man`s maintainance and pest control simply go into your apartment without knocking.

I had him approach me twice when I wasn`t dressed. Your husband here, who beats his wife and, every night, makes music out loud while he does it. I know, because the woman told everyone. Your cops are here all the time. I have a beautiful dog and some scary men here always pay close attention to them and look at me to see what apartment in, like when they try to take my dog or something. We were reported to have an injury for a barbecue on the porch like everyone else. It was our first “violation” for which we received a message, but the paper said we had two offences, and then we were deported. These apartments are cheap buits, a small flat pantry in which you can not get into it, a small small refrigerator weak, with no room for anything. The ac units are on the roof and fleeing into our apartment. You have so many problems here. its too loud, their scary people here, there are too many crimes, its infested with cockroaches, maintinence and pest control simply go into your apartment without warning and if you are not at home. etc.

don`t live here. Ask someone here, and they`ll tell you. No one has spoken here, everyone is preparing the extract at the end of their lease. Many people have already moved, as half of the apartments are now empty. and the other half are people waiting for their lease to be concluded so they can go. I just don`t like living here God like I get out of this trap!! You say I can`t terminate the lease if I don`t leave the UCI!!! Wtf. Please help me. I`ve been here almost a year and a half. My first year was great. Two months after my new 6-month contract, new executives and crew arrived. They never answer the phone, always closed. You put a message on something, they don`t come on it until you call several times complaining (no maintenance error).

This place is infested with cockroaches. A month ago, I saw mice. Tell the office and they have done nothing until today. The reserved car parks have been inactive for a few months, and we paid all this time without notice. They won`t compensate us. They do not honour anything they say. This place is horrible. I can`t wait for my lease to be finaled! By selecting the box to be rated, the customer gives explicit consent and authorizes the renter to send the customer`s text messages on community events, rental payments, real estate transactions and leasing provided by automated technology to the wireless number shown above. The applicant understands that his consent is not necessary to rent by the owner. For services offered without authorization, please visit www.americancampus.com.

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