No no. The building permit applies only to the building code. If the proposed work affects or may affect a common part of an adjacent building or building, you may have other legal obligations. The regulations apply to all “construction work” and you must therefore apply before proceeding. The definition of “work” is in the regulations. However, it generally includes the construction and/or extension of each type of building (with some exceptions), the installation of equipment and frames such as new waste equipment, new drainage equipment, windows and heating, changes to the structure of the building or works affecting the means of evacuation in the event of a fire. One of our construction controllers will carefully review the proposals and request additional information if necessary. Once compliance is reached, a notice of authorization is issued and will remain valid for three years from the date the application and plan fee was filed with us. Minor construction changes may be agreed during construction, but significant changes may require plan changes and other details. Our partner authority system is shared by all local authorities who build control teams in England and Wales.

You can work with any construction inspection officer to do all the pre-application and design work, regardless of the geographic location of the project. Please read the points below before completing a construction notice model: A building notice request, however, leaves the contractor at risk of not authorizing the completed work, resulting in renovation costs. Customers should ensure that their contractor is aware of all relevant regulations before deciding to follow this path. It should also be kept in mind that a procedure in the absence of a complete set of drawings will be more likely to give rise to litigation. An application for a building notice can be made with a simple application form, a town planning plan (in case of renewal) and the corresponding fee (depending on the complexity of the project, including certain aspects). This means that work can begin very quickly and there is no need to include design consultants. It is particularly suitable for simple projects or professionals who understand the requirements of construction regulations. If you opt for the “full plans” application itinerary, you are guaranteed that, as long as you build in accordance with the approved plans, the Council cannot take enforcement action against you for non-compliance with the building rules.

Once we have completed all the necessary inspections and the work complies with construction standards, we will issue a certificate of completion. This certificate is important when you sell your property and we advise you to ask for it when your owner has completed the work. However, if there are gaps or omissions in the plans, a decision to refuse may be made. Do I have to inform my neighbours when I apply for construction and do they have the right to take action against the proposed work? Once you have given your “building notice” and informed your local authority that you are about to start work, the work will be checked in the current stage. They are informed by the Authority if the work does not comply with the building rules. If your municipality needs additional information, such as planning calculations or plans, before starting work or during operation, you must provide the requested details.