Members of non-Christian religions may need two days a year without pay to celebrate spiritual or sacred days. Give your supervisor as much attention as possible (preferably two weeks) to take this leave. If approved, enter time into time and leave with the payroll code “LWOP Religious Observation.” Paid leave is available on election day if your hours of service and voting hours do not allow you to have enough consecutive hours off to vote. They can take up to four consecutive hours for provincial elections and up to three hours for federal, local and First Nations elections. Since investigations are generally opened before and after regular hours, not all workers are required to fully benefit from them to ensure that they have withdrawn enough consecutive hours from work to vote. Workers are entitled to an additional five days of unpaid leave in one- or more-day units or for an uninterrupted period and an additional 15 days of unpaid leave. Staff members who have been appointed as jurors or witnesses may take leave with payment. However, if a worker`s private affairs are the reason he must appear in court, only leave can be granted without pay. Please inform your supervisor of your holiday immediately. AskMyHR will send a service request in the MyTeam or Organization > Leave – Time Off > Special or Other Leaves categories to let them know you`re on Compassionate Leave and to make sure your performance coverage and seniority delimitation (if any) continues when you`re away. This can be considered leave without pay. Please note the benefits during the holidays or Layoff to continue the coverage of services and the purchase of services to learn more about buying a holiday.

This leave is generally no more than five days. Please check the terms of your collective agreement. If the deceased is a grandparent, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, a full day is available for burial. In Time and Leave, use the payment code “Bereavement Lv.” For any type of leave, you can get permission from your supervisor. Give them as much attention as possible. Enter the aaway time to work with the right payroll code in Time and Leave. If you move, you may be entitled to one-day paid leave to move furniture and household effects. Give your supervisor two weeks` notice. Permission to pass through your supervisor or supervisor is required before you will have to take some kind of leave in The Path. Sometimes, in addition to the leave period, relocation assistance is provided for workers who have to go to work. In Time and Leave, use the payment code “Moving Day Lv.” You are entitled to two days of paid leave to participate in the birth of your child; If you are adopting a baby, contact AskMyHR.

Send a service request with the Categories Myself > Leave – Time Off > Special or Other Leaves to see if you qualify for this holiday at the birth of the baby. In Time and Leave, enter the “Birth or Adoption Lv” payment code. Employees are given half-day leave with a salary to attend a funeral. In Time and Leave, use the payment code “Funeral Pall-Bearer.” If peA employees cannot work due to criminal restrictions, they can apply for leave without pay until the court makes a decision. Other workers in this situation may be entitled to general leave without pay. You can apply for up to two days of leave with payment per calendar year to support a seriously ill or hospitalized parent or step-parent if no one else is available to meet their needs. Parental leave illness can be used in half-day stages up to two days per calendar year. In the event of illness or hospitalization of your spouse or dependent child, paid leave may be requested simultaneously, within two days, if no one can take care of his or her needs in the