You have the option of requesting a transfer to another school. It`s rare for parents to choose to do so, but they can. You only know that you have to take your child to this new school. “You feel like you`re running away from the problem instead of solving it,” Price said. Comments and photos are shared over and over again, and they don`t go away, she says. If this continues, it may mean that your child has an absence agreement – a formal document telling him not to interact with the other student. Sometimes students receive a schedule change or teacher change to support him, but usually this is not done because students see each other in the hallways or at lunch or during the break or before or after school. Instead, schools want students to learn how to co-exist without interacting with each other. In fact, this year, Texas legislative and gov. Gov. Greg Abbot signed David`s law, named after David Molak, a San Antonio high school student, who committed suicide after being a cyberbullied. David`s law, which will enter September 1st, makes cyberstalking, even when he has aba.

It allows anonymous reporting of incidents and requires schools, the parents of the child who has been harassed and the parents of the child accused of being a bully to notify within three days. How wide is your harassment jurisdiction? When harassment occurs on school grounds or at a school event (whether on or off the school grounds) or is handed over to a school site, the school is responsible for the examination and discipline of the offender. This also includes school buses, whether public or private. The problem, less obvious, is now pervasive. What about extra-curricular cyber-harassment that occurs off-school, not on the school bus, or at a school event? (Think, for example, of harassment on social networks, text harassment, e-mail, memes or website that does not take place at school or at a school event.) Is cyber-harassment part of the school district`s activity when school-related activities occur remotely? After the 2017 legislative changes, the answer is yes. The jurisdiction of the school district has been expanded to act in extracurricular cyber-harassment situations, which: Sometimes employees meet with both students to mediate. It may be just a misunderstanding in which children who have been friends for years have gone too far and have not recognized it. The employee will talk to them about making better decisions and understanding the feelings that led to the harassment.