– Outsourcing with Renewal Options to Help Aegon Modernize Political Governance and Deliver Long-Term Customer Service Life insurance policies are migrated to IBM`s open insurance platform to digitize insurance policy management, from customer contact to financial billing, in a state-of-the-art IT platform hosted in IBM`s public cloud. Aegon the Netherlands uses IBM`s Open Insurance Platform to modernize font management and maintain long-term customer service. – This agreement, hosted in IBM`s public cloud, will enable Aegon to manage the progress of this closed business block Sibylla Bantema, Director of Life Insurance at Aegon Netherlands: “We want to manage our individual life insurance and employability contracts cost-effectively for our Leeuwarden employees who will move to IBM under this agreement.” Patrick van den Bos, Director of Insurance at IBM Netherlands: “With Aegon as our starting customer, we are creating an attractive offer for life insurers who want to continue managing their life insurance for a low cost per policy. Ibm Open Insurance Platform offers insurers the opportunity to reduce their expenses to a new level of flexibility and savings, while giving them the tools and skills to serve their customers. AegonAlexander Kuipers – 31 6 11 33 36 19akuipers@aegon.nl revenue withdrawals which, according to the consultant`s service contract, are expected to last two days, Aegon currently warns, could now take another six days. The transfer of a public investment account to an Isa, which is expected to last two days under the service level agreement, is now expected to take an additional 11 days, Aegon warned. This was the third step in Cofunds` integration with Aegon, with the investor portfolio and institutional services updated in December and March, respectively. For example, Aegon explained that a delegation authority, which was to last two days after the agreement on the consultant`s level of service, should currently take an additional six days. But a month since consultants using Cofunds were transferred to Aegon`s platform, a spokesman for the supplier acknowledged that there had been an impact on internal processing times, due to the high demand for the fund`s supermarket, which meant that the deadlines described in the service agreements had not been met. Ibm Open Insurance Platform is created on the basis of msg. Life Factory is a nuclear insurance system that is part of msg.

The insurance suite. Ibm Open Insurance Platform should also be available for other Dutch insurance companies. The platform offers the same features as the Aegon platform, including services-based pricing, cloud security and scalability from IBM, as well as connections to IBM APIs and third-party participants. With IBM`s public cloud execution, IBM Open Insurance Platform insurers will help insurers meet compliance, security and security requirements. THE HAGUE, Netherlands and LEEUWARDEN, Netherlands, June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE:IBM) announces that it has reached an agreement with Aegon Netherlands to maintain and manage its individual life policies.