Sanderson Associates provides developers with a comprehensive drainage design service that ranges from small private drainage systems to large wastewater and surface drainage systems for adoption with secondary south systems, so that developments can meet planning conditions for surface water flow requirements and wastewater discharge requirements. The Code establishes a framework for the general principles in which companies must comply with adoption agreements and requires companies to cooperate with their customers to develop, agree and maintain sectoral guidelines (which define the processes by which parties can enter into adoption agreements) and model adoption agreements. The code sets the minimum requirements for these documents, including information and publication requirements; Where waivers may be allowed; and governance agreements, including the sectoral organization, which convenes governance panels to review future code changes. Since the introduction of the water main option in 2003, many companies have not used it. So it`s extremely rare for you to see this on a CON29DW. We would always recommend making further requests with the developer should it happen. It should be noted that many lawyers will try to obtain a copy of these agreements. Severn Trent`s policy has always been that S104 agreements are a confidential agreement between them and the developer and, as such, do not pass them on to third parties. However, many developers will make them available on request, which is why we always advise them to contact them instead. If you need additional support with respect to wastewater collection agreements, please contact our development engineers: we will review requests for new or existing sewer audits. If we accept your channel, an adoption agreement will have to be reached.

We first indicated that we will implement the sewer sector guidelines and the standard wastewater disposal agreement, which will come into effect on October 31, 2019. However, as part of their response to our minor revisions, the companies requested a longer time frame, with a proposed implementation date of April 1, 2020. We believe that this is appropriate and, as such, according to paragraph B1.4 of the Code, this is the time when sewer sector documents become “live.” Ofwat`s obligation to establish a code came into force in October 2017 for companies operating in all or largely England and, on 13 November 2017, we published our Code of Adoption Agreements for Water and Wastewater Companies that operate entirely or primarily in England (the code). This followed our engagement with the industry and its customers through a discussion paper we published in September 2016, a stakeholder workshop in January 2017 and our legal consultation on the draft code in the summer of 2017.